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Are you seeking professional Christian counseling in the San Diego area that is compatible with your own Christian beliefs? If so, you have arrived at the right place. We offer Bible-based tools and resources to help you navigate any issue with which you might be struggling.

No matter what you need, whether help with marriage or other relationship issues, addiction counseling, a helping hand in dealing with depression, or a host of other concerns, San Diego Christian Counseling is here to come alongside you, help shoulder the burden, and show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Who we are

San Diego Christian Counseling is an affiliation of professional Christian counselors with many years of experience providing help and counsel to people of all ages and backgrounds as they work through a variety of issues.

The counselors at San Diego Christian Counseling provide care and guidance that align with your personal beliefs and values, making use of teaching from the Bible, Christian wisdom, and methods of psychology to bring about genuine healing and results that last.

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Starting Christian counseling is easy. Simply browse our online counselor profiles to help match you with the perfect professional for your needs. You can either reach out to the counselor directly to schedule an appointment or contact our attentive office staff for further assistance. To make sure you get the best counselor for you, we offer a risk-free initial session.

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I highly recommend Dr Joe Raphael of the San Diego Christian Clinic for your psychological & health needs. I’ve known Joe Rafael for 25 years. He impressed me as his teacher and I followed Joe’s professional journey from that point onward. Joe is a stellar clinician dedicated to helping people to live physically and mentally healthy lives. He’s also very like able and shows integrity in all he does. As you can see, I recommend JoeRaphael highly. DrDeborah M Khoshaba, Director of Training and Development, the Hardiness Institute, Inc

Chris has been my counselor for the last 4.5 years. I first went to him to help me as I going through a separation and then divorce. He really helped me to focus on my own issues and working on those. He uses many different techniques to help both himself and his clients understand the isues including giving specific books to read as well as deeper personality tests which help him be more effective. He is easy to talk to, follows up when he says he will and always has different great ideas to be tried. Even though he has moved to San Diego I will be keeping up my sessions with him due to how effective I have found him to be.

Dr. Joe is the best. He is one of the smartest, kindest and most generous individuals I have ever met. He is knowledgeable in many areas. He listens without judging. He has literally saved my life. He has given me direction and the tools to help me make smart decisions and deal with my feelings, that can often get in the way of my success. I would recommend him to anyone!

I have been seeing Chris for nearly 3 years. Working with him has been really helpful, and I appreciate his ability to both hear me and be compassionate as well as challenge me and bring much needed grounding and truth to each session. I also really enjoyed how he balances scripture and theological truth with the brain science to our sessions.

Dr Joe is a very smart healthcare Practicioner, liked by patients and staff alike. He is very personable and really makes a positive difference in his patients’s lives!

I’ve worked with Chris for 5 years and he has been a very trustworthy, present, professional and honest therapist. I feel very comfortable and safe sharing everything and anything with him. Therapy with Chris has helped me build self-confidence, learn how to sustainably live life sober, and has given me the opportunity of having an intelligent, compassionate, grounded and friendly adult figure in my life throughout my struggles. All I can say is that I got out what I put into it, when I was vulnerable and honest with him he was able to help point me in the right direction relative to my goals. I have enjoyed learning/growing/changing with Chris as my counselor very much.

Dr. Joe is personable and though he holds many degrees and has years of experience as a mental health provider, he is relatable. He makes therapy something I look forward to versus something that needs to be done.

Chris has a great way of blending deep insight, tools, readings, humor, faith and accountability. I found his approach to be both refreshing and helpful!

Chris has taken a Jesus based, down to earth approach that really meet me where I was. This is not a one size fits all program, it was tailored to me. The work Chris had me do really made me take a part in my healing and he was/is always positive and celebrates the victories with me. Cannot recommend enough!

I’ve really enjoyed having Chris as my counselor. He’s easy to talk to, yet also asks challenging questions that keep me thinking after the session, prompting me to be consciously aware of how I handle difficult situations and circumstances. Counseling isn’t easy, as often times it requires ME to do work that I’ve not wanted to (or even known I should) do, but with Chris’ guidance, I’ve found it to be very beneficial both in the short and long term. Highly recommend.

Chris is a phenomenal counselor. Extremely smart while being very caring, a combination I’ve struggled to find from counselors in the past. I feel like working with Chris has not only led to knowledge/realizations about negative/positive patterns of behavior but also has helped me to be a more humble, others-centered person that can view myself as a valuable person worthy of recovering from my past hurts and mistakes. Cannot recommend him highly enough.

Chris Chandler is an extremely gifted counselor. He’s highly knowledgeable and trained on helping those dealing with addition and relates amazingly well to men of all ages (including young men). I lead a ministry for men dealing with addiction and sexual issues and for those seeking professional care Chris is my primary referral.

Chris is a compassionate yet tireless advocate for mental health especially when it comes to men dealing with shame, secrecy, and/or addictions of any type. In addition, his faith and Christian maturity struck me as genuine, honest, and inviting. I really feel as a man, Chris connects easily with other men allowing them to feel understood and encouraged towards healing.

Chris Chandler is a colleague I deeply respect.. I have referred clients to groups run by Chris and have seen them flourish under his guidance. When you are looking for a referral or continuity of care, be sure to check his availability.

I collaborated with Chris Chandler, MA, LMHC, CSAT, AF-EMDR in the Seattle area trying to help a client who was deeply depressed and suicidal. As a result of his work with Chris, the client made a breakthrough and reported great improvement. Chris has worked to conduct cutting-edge research on sexual addiction, for which I am very grateful.

I can’t even begin to say how incredible Chris Chandler is as a counselor. I worked with Chris for over 2 years and I know I wouldn’t be as far along in recovery if it wasn’t for him. The holistic insight that he has is incredible and I am so incredibly grateful. If you’re on the fence of whether to contact Chris, let me encourage you that it is the right call.

Joe is a dedicated therapist who really cares about his clients. He is professional, warm and very engaging. I highly recommend him to anyone seeing high level therapeutic support

Joe Whitcomb is a man of great compassion and wisdom. He was a light during a very dark time in my life. I am truly grateful for his counsel. He was a Gosend.

Due to a very unfortunate trauma I really struggled with expressing my emotions and sleeping! I went through the darkest times I had ever been through! Since coming to Joe Whitcomb I have now walked my own hero’s journey and fighting my way out of that dark time! I couldn’t thank joe more for the time and tools he had given me to figure out who I am! -Dakota G.

As a minister, I have recommended Joe Whitcomb to many people in our community of couples, and it has always been a very positive experience.

His experience and wisdom have been such a great source of help for people who are dealing with some of the deeper issues in life as well as for those who want to build a great foundation in their marriages.

I wholeheartedly believe in the work that Joe Whitcomb is doing, and we are all grateful and blessed for his contribution to our community.

My wife and I did our premarital counseling with Joe Whitcomb over 12 years ago. God centered therapy. To this day we still see Joe. His ability as a therapist and man of God continues to impact our marriage as he has equipped us with viable tools for our relationship. Big Love Joe Whitcomb!

Joe Whitcomb is beyond normal when you think nobody listens. He is
Thank you Joe!

I highly recommend Joe as his coaching methods make you not only feel heard but also understood. His coaching has had a tremendously positive impact in all aspects of my life.

Beyond my expectations! I’ve known Joe Whitcomb when I was both single and in a relationship and his wisdom and candor did wonders for me personally and when I was involved.

I’m so embedded with his book, “Reboot Your Relationship” it is required reading for any relationship that becomes serious. It’s just that good.

Dr. Joe Whitcomb is not only is a wonderful therapist to talk to but really understands where you’re coming from. His down-to-earth personality and focused approach on understanding my needs and goals made me feel like I was finally being heard. His expertise of EMDR therapy helped me get through a very traumatic experience; and for that, I can’t thank him enough!

He gave me such amazing advice on how to overcome obstacles I was struggling with as well as resources to refer to on my own time that continue to help me to this day! I have found his support invaluable in staying sane and the strategies and resources he provided have helped me grow, understand myself, and adopt habits that better support my mental health.

Joe Whitcomb is a total pro. I was in a very difficult situation and he completely resolved it in a sensible way that has provided a long-term, lasting solution. The benefit from his work is priceless. I can’t recommend him enough. Whether it’s Skype or In Person, he is extremely effective. Be sure to contact Joe whenever you run into trouble. I have full confidence he will be able to help.

I have been seeing Joe Whitcomb for a couple years now and he is an excellent therapist. He is an outstanding group counselor as well. He helped me realize my worth, understand my trauma, and work through my cognitive distortions. If you are looking for someone who can help you with trauma, family/romantic relationships, and self-worth. Joe is your guy! He is also just a sweet and funny person!

I’ve been working with Dr. Joe Witcomb He is one of the smartest, kindest and most generous individual I have ever met. He listens so intently and gives me direction and tools to help me understand and work through the trauma’s that have been hindering the decisions and the circumstances in my life. Thank you Dr. Joe Witcomb. I sure appreciate you!!!

When my husband and I were first dating we started to have some issues come up that we needed extra help with. Joe Whitcomb was so amazing in getting to the root of our problem and we have now been able to connect on a deeper level. We have been married for 1.5 years and we still use the tools we learned from Joe years later!

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Whitcomb and can’t recommend him enough. He has extensive knowledge, wisdom, and practical experience. More importantly, he has deep empathy and practices kindness and compassion.

Joe Witcomb helped me during a difficult time and his guidance literally saved my life. He is one wise man.

I have not been to San Diego Christian Counseling, but I listen to Joe Whitcomb’s Reboot Your Relationship podcast. I recommend it to all of my clients who are in relationships, have experienced trauma, and/or had difficult childhoods. My clients have responded they find his podcasts extremely relatable. He says it ‘how it is’, explains psychological concepts in laymen’s terms, is relatable, but more importantly, instills hope that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel and change is possible. A definite “must listen to” for single people and couples alike!

I highly recommend Joe Whitcomb as his coaching methods make you not only feel heard but also understood. His coaching has had a tremendously positive impact in all aspects of my life.

Joe Whitcomb is very insightful, a good listener, compassionate, and caring. He has given me wisdom that encouraged me and helped me to look at myself through a new and gentler lens.

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