Bipolar Disorder

If you have questions about bipolar disorder including symptoms and treatment options, San Diego Christian Counseling would love to help. Read on for the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Bipolar Disorder.

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Bipolar disorder is a malfunction of the brain that brings about changes in energy levels and moods, and affects the capacity to carry out normal, everyday tasks.

The symptoms vary from one individual to the next and can manifest in different degrees of extremity. Most who suffer from the condition experience both bipolar depression and mania.

There are four recognized types of bipolar disorders, two of which are the most common. All of the types involve extreme bounces between moods. Sometimes a person with a mild condition is totally treatable with therapy alone, but other individuals respond better to therapy coupled with bipolar medication.

Living with a bipolar disorder is very difficult.It is something you should not have to face alone. At San Diego Christian Counseling, you’ll be given Christian support and the tools you need in order to manage bipolar symptoms so you can live a happy and productive life as God intended for you.

Extensive research has revealed that there are four basic types of bipolar disorders. The most common are Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and Bipolar Disorder Type 2. Both bipolar disorder types experience bouts of bipolar depression and mania, but in different ways and in varying degrees. Knowing the difference helps with diagnosis and treatment.

Bipolar Disorder Type 1 is distinguished by the severity of the mania. While both types include depression and mania, in Type 1, the mania lasts for at least one week. This condition also involves major depression and mixed episodes of extreme ups and downs, which occur simultaneously.

Bipolar Disorder Type 2 still experiences severe depression but it is less extreme than Type 1. The mania in this bipolar disorder is noticeably milder and is referred to as “hypomania.”

No matter which type you or your loved one may have, bipolar disorder treatment is available. At San Diego Christian Counseling, we combine faith in God with counseling and a possible referral for bipolar medication, if necessary, to help you manage your bipolar disorder symptoms so you can live a happy and full life.

Do you think you might have bipolar? The main bipolar disorder symptoms below can help you determine if there is cause for concern.

Bipolar depression circles with mania moods. It is severe and lasts for at least two weeks. During this time, fatigue, extreme sadness, hopelessness, and possible suicidal thoughts or actions are common.

Bipolar mania manifests with episodes of extreme emotions and elevated energy. An individual tends to have an exaggerated self-esteem, grandiose thoughts and behaviors, and may take abnormal risks. A racing mind, little sleep, and heightened motivation and productivity are common during this time too.

“Mixed episodes” is a symptom where in a single day, intense lows and extreme manic highs are experienced. This takes place daily for a week or longer.

Rapid-cycling is an indication of the severity of bipolar disorder, when mood cycling is frequent and fast. It requires each episode be at least a week long and there must be four transitions or more in a year.

If you think you have signs of bipolar, it’s time to seek professional help. At San Diego Christian Counseling, we offer diagnosis and bipolar treatment. With Christ at the helm, we are confident we can help you live the wonderful life God designed for you to enjoy.

If you think you have signs of being bipolar, it’s time to seek help. The struggles are too intense and the condition is too serious to go it alone.

A professional can get you properly diagnosed and can help you manage your emotions and actions so you can live productively and in peace. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) may play a role in your sessions. In the event that bipolar medication is needed, that can be arranged as well. Your physician will likely be included to maximize the effectiveness of your therapy.

The counselors at San Diego Christian Counseling are dedicated to helping you in a Christ-focused manner. With a personal therapist to lift you up and walk alongside you, you never have to be alone. You’ll be assured of God’s never-ending love for you, even when you don’t feel it. Traditional bipolar treatment will be offered as well so you can get all the training and tools to get your life back again and live the wonderful life God intended for you.

There are a variety of effective options for the treatment of bipolar disorder. Psychotherapy and psychiatric medications are the most common methods used.

Psychotherapy, or “talk therapy,” is a standard treatment which is commonly used. It may include techniques such as cognitive therapy to identify and change thought patterns, behavioral therapy to help reduce stress, interpersonal therapy for bettering and repairing relationships, social rhythm therapy to improve sleeping habits and other routine activities, and family therapy that embraces the family’s understanding and support. A number of other self-help strategies may be suggested.

Medications like mood stabilizers and atypical anti psychotics may be prescribed. If medications are needed, your counselor will ask your physician to be involved with your ongoing therapy.

Although bipolar disorder is a serious condition, there are treatment options that can help you. At San Diego Christian Counseling, we also have another source to lean on and that is the help of our Heavenly Father. Faith-based counseling can add a new dimension to psychotherapy and psychiatric medications to further your chances of a full, productive, and happy life.

Bipolar disorder affects both men and women. However, the bipolar symptoms in women do vary from the symptoms in men to some extent.

Women tend to begin their cycle with a depressive episode while a manic episode typically affects men first. Another difference is that more women have the milder Bipolar Disorder Type 2 than they do Type 1. Even still, women are more likely to have rapid-cycle symptoms than men.

Extenuating medical conditions, such as thyroid and hormonal issues appear more in women who have bipolar disorder. Women also react differently to the symptoms of the illness than men do and are more prone to express their sadness with tears while men typically lash out or exhibit anger.

At San Diego Christian Counseling, we help both men and women learn to manage bipolar disorder and to live free of the chaos and challenges that accompany the condition. Through faith-based counseling and other treatment options such as psychotherapy and medications if needed, we have witnessed many individuals with bipolar disorder become free.

Signs of bipolar in children include:

  • extreme mood swings that are contrary to usual
  • hyperactivity
  • undue aggressiveness or inappropriate behavior exhibited in social settings
  • recklessness
  • excessive risk taking
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • irritability
  • inflated self-esteem
  • suicidal thoughts and/or behaviors

The signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder in teens are basically the same as signs of bipolar in children, except they may also include sexual behaviors such as promiscuity. Drug and/or alcohol abuse might be in the picture, too.

Children with bipolar disorder tend to experience an episode and then fall back into their normal routine and behaviors. Bipolar in teens can be an extremely volatile situation since their hormones are already running rampant. It is imperative to seek help for your child or teen if you suspect they have signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder in order to prevent further potential difficulties that can arise from untreated mental illness, especially at tender ages.

At San Diego Christian Counseling, we realize the severity of the situation when a teen or child has bipolar disorder. We heavily lean on Christ to give us wisdom and surround with His protection while we use treatment methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other proven techniques. If your child or teen is showing bipolar signs and symptoms, please reach out today.

Bipolar disorder can be treated without medication. However, whether it can be treated effectively without the use of any type of drug depends upon factors such as the severity and frequency of the mood cycles.

If you are diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, your therapist may ask for your physician to be included in your treatment plan. Physicians are able to prescribe medications, like mood stabilizers, that can be quite useful in helping you get better.

Bipolar disorder is a form of mental illness and medications are often included in the treatment in order for you to achieve optimal results. Other methods, such as talk therapy, are employed as well.

At San Diego Christian Counseling, we believe that all things are possible through Christ. We also know that bipolar disorder is baffling and very serious in nature. The caring counselors at our office will be happy to meet with you and discuss options for your individual condition. We will never force or coerce you to do anything you are not in agreement with, such as taking medication. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with a therapist.

Christian counseling can definitely help individuals who have bipolar disorder. In fact, being faith-based, it can be even more effective than secular counseling.

In Christian counseling, you’ll be able to understand more about the disorder and the affects it presents in your personal life. You’ll gain tools to help manage your symptoms so you can learn to function through them. Bipolar medication may be part of your treatment and if it is, a counselor can help you to be accountable in taking it properly.

The Christ-focus aspect of the therapy makes a huge difference because a Christian counselor will walk alongside you even in the dark days to remind you that God loves you and has your situation under His loving control.

The professional counselors at San Diego Christian Counseling are committed to seeing you through. You’ll be uplifted and encouraged in a spiritual light in addition to the therapy you’ll receive. The Bible tells us that when two are gathered in His name, He is there too. Our hope and prayer is for you to find wholeness, harmony, and happiness.

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