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Life is loaded with adversities. It is riddled with difficulties, pain,and obstacles. Your family should find your home to be a shelter of solace where they can take refuge and find love, peace, and support during troubled times. Unfortunately, such is often not the case. When things such as trauma, conflict or family-rooted issues hit, Christian based family counseling is able to help gain victory over the challenges so that you can personally discover God’s precious gift and His purpose for you and your family.

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Building a Christ-Focused Family

But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.

The most fulfilled, happiest families have something they share: they put Christ first. God is the very center of their families. From loving each other to effective parenting to resolving conflicts to thanking the Good Lord for His abundant blessings – all of the Bible’s teachings and Christ-focused concepts lay the foundation on which a functional, happy, and joyous home is built. While it is awesome to strive to attain this lofty goal, we often come up short. Christian counseling for the family can assist you in overcoming the many obstacles that get in the way, so you can grow in love for Christ and for one another.

Difficult times fall upon every family. It’s when troubles and conflicts linger and steal the family’s peace of mind and stability that it may be the time to consider Christ-based family counseling.

Some of the benefits Christian Family Therapy can offer are:

  • Help to resolve parental conflict.
  • Assistance with teen and child issues like academics and behavioral problems.
  • Aid in solving for sibling rivalry.
  • Support for substance abuse and/or mental illness occurring in the family.
  • Transitional guidance through difficult situations such as career changes or moving.
  • Help for blended families to work through issues.
  • Tools for growing spiritually within the unit of the family.

Although your family dynamic is designed to provide love, support and a net of safety, problems within your home life can negatively affect every arena of your life. At our counseling center, we are devoted to helping families become united within Christ.

Counseling has been proven to be significantly more effective than most other forms of treatment for improving conflicts within the family. And, when you add in the Christian aspect, the possibilities for success grow even higher.

Chances are if you are taking the time to read this far, there is something that is bothering you. Perhaps you are feeling hopeless or in despair. When families experience difficult times, it is common for your joy to be stolen.

San Diego Christian Counseling welcomes you as well as your family and invites you to enter into joy, peace through the loving and safe arms of Jesus Christ. After all, it’s by looking to Jesus that we are blessed with all that is needed to build great, strong relationships and overcome obstacles life smacks us with. The counselors at the center are passionate about Bible-based, Christ-centered teachings and operate on faith while exerting their God-given gifts and knowledge for working through the wounds of the past with families so they can grow and learn.

Christ-focused counseling is designed to meet the unique needs that families face, with the ultimate goal of coming up with faith-based solutions that embrace the growth of a Godly family, regardless of the worldly problems that come against them.

Areas of Common Focus for Christ-based Family Counseling:

  • Parental Relationships – Getting to the root of any problems you may be having within your marriage is a prime focus. It is imperative in order to get your family unit on track. Your relationship with your spouse sets an example for your children to follow so repairing any kinks in the relationship will reflect on the family unit as a whole. To find out more about Christ-based counseling, click here.
  • Harmony between Parents and Children – It is heartbreaking to feel like you are not connecting with your children. We are sensitive to how devastating the communication breakdown can be, to parents and children alike. That’s why we are dedicated to working with you to rebuild the relationships you treasure the most.
  • Relationships Involving Blended Family Matters – These days, blended families are quite common. Forty percent of all married couples in the United States who have children are actually step-couples. There is a multitude of adjustments involving all family members that must be made in order to make the relationships work. Often, there are issues that surface between siblings and/or the parents. Counseling can provide support so the family can successfully blend together and thrive.
  • Loss and Grief – Family losses can damper the very dynamics of the family. At San Diego Christian Counseling, we are available to support your family in any way that we can. The pain of the loss of a loved one is so painful, it can create struggles in other areas as well. You can lean on us and we will help you and your family work through the grief.
  • Trauma and Transitions – Life can get crazy busy and hectic. It is perfectly normal to be thrown for a loop when change comes about suddenly. Sometimes the change can be so traumatic it causes us to become unstable. It can rob your entire family of peace. We are here for you and your family to help smooth the bumps out so your family can get back on the right track.
  • Addiction and Health Issues – Close to half of all adults within the United States have had either a child, parent or sibling who suffered from alcoholism. Drug addictions within the family are equally as common. Addictions and chronic mental health or medical issues affect the family. It is vital to get help for the health of your family. Our counselors are compassionate and are here to help you and your family work through addiction and health issues.
  • Family Faith – While it is true, in many ways, that a family that prays together stays together, issues regarding faith can divide a family too. Differences in beliefs can cause conflict. If a member of your family is struggling with doubt and is questioning faith altogether, Christ-focused family counseling can be of great value.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” – 2 Cor. 12:9

One of the most wonderful treasures we have in life is our family. We all long to have loving relationships with those within our family but sometimes, it’s a challenge to keep everyone happy.

Each individual family member has their own feelings, ideas,and concerns. Sometimes, there are hurt feelings and communication breakdowns. Christian counseling can bridge the gap with God’s grace because His grace is always sufficient. In our weakness, He is strong.

In a family Christian counseling situation, the idea is for the family unit to be strengthened, with the help of the counselor, one member of the family after the next. Ultimately, each individual has the opportunity to share their hopes and concerns and what vision they have for a happy family. They are also able to tell their personal story. The goal is for the family to work together to restore and rebuild trust, communication, and respect while reconnecting. The end result is a positive change for all members of your household.

Goals Of Christ-Centered Family Counseling In San Diego

Do you feel that your family is all that it could and should be? If the answer is “no”, take a minute to do some soul-searching. What exactly is it that is preventing it from being all it can be? In family counseling, the goals for each of the families involved vary because their independent struggles and challenges differ. But even so, a common standard presides in most cases. Here are some of the mutual goals that are strived for:

  • Working toward better understanding and communication amongst the members of the family.
  • Restoring trust and building better emotional bonds.
  • Constructing higher quality relationships between the family members.
  • Learning tools for overcoming problems as a family unit.
  • Growing in Christ as individuals and as a family.

It is natural to want to hide family crisis from yourself and everyone else. It’s easy just to ignore the issues… for a while, at least. The problems will not go away just because you don’t acknowledge them though. In fact, they will just get worse.

Your family unit is a precious gift. When the relationships within the family are nurtured, they will bloom and the family will be a calm solace from the storm during times of chaos. If your family is experiencing troubled times, know that we are here to help. In Christ, all things are possible.

The family is everything. If you feel you are losing it all, we are here for you. To find out more about Christ-centered family counseling in San Diego or set up a risk-free session, call us at 619-877-2560 or reach out online.

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