Counseling For Christian Couples

One of the most searched topics online is about fixing relationships and how to go about it. Everyone wants happy and healthy relationships but the reality is that navigating through relationships can be very tricky in that no matter how well-meaning we are, there will always be problems that will arise along the way.

Some couples who are struggling are fortunate enough to deal with their differences themselves. For some, however, they find it difficult to communicate and understand each other. As a consequence, their relationship is prevented from truly coming into full bloom.

For that reason, counseling from a Christian perspective is offered. Christian counseling for couples by San Diego Christian Counseling is a program that offers faith-based yet practical methods on how couples can get through trials in their relationships.

At San Diego Christian Counseling, counselors assist couples in building Christ-centred relationships. If you and your spouse are ready to take the next step in making your marriage stronger through this practical faith-based counseling, our Christian Couples counselors will be happy to assist you. Call us at (619) 877-2560.

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Counseling For Christian Couples- Frequent Areas Of Concern

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

The central goal of Christian couples counseling is to help couples establish a relationship that is not only healthy but also Christ-centered. In order to achieve this, both husband and wife must have the willingness to grow which will entail them to truly surrender their pride, especially when forgiving each other with the knowledge and hope that Jesus Christ is able to heal and redeem those who earnestly seek Him.

Through professional counseling and Christian faith, our well-equipped counselors will assist you and your spouse into making your relationship stronger.

If you sense that your relationship needs some help, you’ve come to the right page. San Diego Christian Counseling has an extensive background when it comes to assisting couples in overcoming relational challenges.

RED FLAGS that indicate that a couple needs counseling:

  • Miscommunication – A lot of couples tend to brush issues under the rug. As a result, all those pent-up feelings of hurt, anger, and misunderstanding are stored away and at any moment, one partner can blow up leaving the other partner to wonder where all of that anger came from. Some couples find it hard to express themselves for reasons of fear, or because one partner may simply want to avoid lengthy confrontations. At San Diego Christian Counseling, our counselors help couples learn how to communicate effectively and process each other’s thoughts and feelings that will make each partner feel heard and understood.
  • Infidelity– Infidelity is in arguably one of the most difficult and major problems that a couple goes through. Often, infidelity is a manifestation of unresolved inner problems. It is advisable that a professional counselor become involved in order to help bring to light the root causes of what drove the person to commit adultery.
  • Emotional unavailability by one or both partners – Being in a relationship does not guarantee that one is no longer lonely. For some, having a partner who is emotionally unavailable leads them to feel disconnected, dissatisfied and eventually drives them to either end the relationship and/or seek intimacy with someone else. One of the aims of Christian couples counseling is not only to help reconnect couples emotionally to each other but also with themselves and with God.
  • Toxic Behaviours – Behaviours that are damaging are often a result of unresolved childhood experiences. In effect, present adult relationships, even relationships with the children, are negatively affected. Our counselors will help break the cycle of toxic behaviors.

Being Founded In Christ-Centered Relationships

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. – Colossi ans 3:14

Full surrender to God is the main building block of a Christ-filled relationship. That includes fully surrendering one’s concerns, worries, trials, hopes and dreams to the Lord. Though it may be quite difficult to trust God’s promises, going through Christian counseling will help you strengthen your faith in God and at the same time help you learn ways to improve attitudes and habits that will benefit relationships.

As counselors, our main objective is to do everything we can to help make your relationship healthy, thriving and of course, lasting. San Diego Christian Counseling employs not only evidence-based counseling techniques but also relies on the healing and restoration of Jesus Christ.

By this, we hope that each individual will have a holistic experience of healing and growth that will, in turn, enable them to have happy, healthy and lasting relationships.

It is also worthy to note that about 65% of couples who have undergone Christian couples counseling have had significant improvements in their respective relationships.

  • A change in perspective that enables you to heal completely
  • You and your spouse become more proactive and willing to change your toxic behaviors
  • You and your spouse become better at communicating with each other and also develop a more intimate relationship
  • Emotional and psychological walls that have been erected in the course of your relationship are being broken down.
  • Cultivation of the strong aspects of your relationship.

Some situations may feel impossible. But the counselors at San Diego are committed to working through and with couples no matter how desperate the state of the relationship may seem.

Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. – Romans 12:17

Christian counseling for couples is a specialized area wherein a professional counselor is brought in to help the couple resolve their problems with faith-based and practical solutions. A professional Christian counselor is usually asked to step in when couples can no longer work out their problems on their own. Thus, during the duration of the counseling, it is the role of the counselor to be neutral, to give guidance and offer different perspectives when helping the couple.

We have vast experience when it comes to counseling couples, and couples who have undergone Christian couples counseling can attest that it has definitely yielded positive results in their own relationships, whether their problems were light or heavy.

75% of those who underwent counseling reported having better relationships than those who did not go through counseling.

There are several counseling methods that can be employed by the counselor when working with each couple. Depending on the counselor, he or she may choose any of the following depending on the couple’s situation:

  • Gottman Method – this method is based on using “love maps” where you try to understand your partner’s history, personality, hopes, and joys. As you get to know and understand your partner more deeply, you begin to have a more intimate connection as well as a renewed appreciation for your partner. The counselor will also aid you in learning how to manage conflicts within your relationships.
  • Crucible Approach Couples Counseling – the aim of this method leans more toward achieving sexual intimacy. It is considered to be a revolutionary approach since aside from identifying problems, individuals in a relationship are guided into ways to personally grow and consequently benefit their respective relationships. It also employs out-of-the-box solutions that last.
  • Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy – this method focuses on quick but effective solutions and is more geared toward achieving short-term goals. This includes modifying toxic emotional responses, strengthening emotional intimacy, and finding ways to relate to each other in a more healthy and productive way.
  • Narrative Therapy – this method allows each person in a relationship to narrate their experiences. By doing so, it detaches the problem from the person so that the person is no longer defined by the mistake. Feelings are then freely expressed without fear of being judged or of hurting each other. The counselor will then act as a mediator by rewriting and weaving your stories together to form realistic solutions that will help create the relationship you want.
  • Psychodynamic Approach – there are instances wherein our childhood experiences can have a negative effect on our present adult relationships. By employing this method, the counselor will dig deep and help unearth issues that have been unconsciously buried within. As these issues are unearthed, the counselor helps identify these issues as possible causes of present negative behaviors and present ways on how to deal with.

The counselors at the San Diego Christian Counseling understand that each person and each couple have their own unique story to tell. Thus, counselors offer a client-centered approach where the methods employed for healing and recovery are tailor-fit.

While going through each session can be tedious, couples will find that going through Christian counseling is worthwhile and opens doors of growth and happiness in more ways one can imagine.

Before you think of giving it all up, make sure you have exhausted all your efforts to save your relationship. To learn more about Christian couples counseling or to setup an appointment, contact us online or give us a call at 619-877-2560.

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