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Do you feel as if your career is going nowhere and you want to take your job to the next level? Do you feel you need a career change but don’t know where to start? If so, try Professional Development counseling. At San Diego Christian Counseling we help those in the working world to further their career, develop better on-the-job communications, handle job-related stress, and learn to balance work and family responsibilities.

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Sometimes you can feel as if your career has stalled – that your career growth has basically stopped. It is possible that you may just need to take your career to the next level. However, you may need to change jobs within the same career path, or it may be that you need to entirely change the direction of your career.

Taking your career to the next level may be as simple as acquiring more education or more certifications, depending on what career field you have chosen. It is always beneficial to make yourself more valuable to the company you work for and having greater value for the company will typically make it easier for you to get promoted and thus break free of the stagnation.

Sometimes you just need to find a different place to work in the same occupational field. Often, changing to a different company in the same field can provide opportunities for learning and advancement that were unavailable where you were. More education can help make you more attractive to those companies to which you are applying. Some other factors to consider are whether you are willing to relocate (and if so, how far) and what things you would consider negotiable (vacation, salary, benefits, etc.).

Occasionally, however, a total change of career path is required. In such cases, it is useful to take a variety of different personality, aptitude, and interest tests in order to see what career directions would be most likely to be successful for you. Often, skills that are useful in one type of career could be useful in a variety of completely different fields.

Whatever the case, it can be helpful to sit down with a counselor and put together a set of career goals and an overall professional development plan. The counselors at San Diego Christian counseling can help. Let us help you to begin making meaningful changes that will affect your professional growth.

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Establishing realistic professional development goals is a crucial part of your career development plan. Your goals should follow the SMART acronym, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based.

Specific: Your goals should be specific. Vague goals such as “I want to be a better salesman” are not helpful because they don’t provide a clear objective to strive toward. A better example would be “I want to increase my sales.”

Measurable: All goals must be measurable. As the old adage goes, “You cannot improve what you cannot measure.” This means that there must be some sort of quantified dimension to your goal. To use the previous example, “I want to increase my sales this year” is not as measurable as “I want to increase my sales by 10%,” since you can measure your success against a figure of 10%.

Achievable: Goals must be realistic. Setting a goal of increasing your sales by 90% may be a noble goal, but is it realistic? Probably not. Unrealistic goals tend to either cause discouragement or simply be ignored.

Relevant: It should go without saying that goals should be relevant. As a salesman, setting a professional goal of learning how to do underwater welding may be interesting, but it is probably not relevant to what you do.

Time-based: Every goal should have some sort of end date. To continue the example from above, “I want to increase my sales by 10% this year” is a goal that is appropriately time-based. There is a definite time by which you will know whether you have achieved your goal or not.

You should not set more than two goals at a time. Studies have shown that trying to achieve 1-2 goals will have a high rate of success, where if you set 3-4 goals you will only achieve 1-2 of them, and that setting more than four goals will cause you to spread your efforts too thin preventing you from accomplishing any of them.

San Diego Christian Counseling can help you navigate the goal-setting process and create some SMART goals that fit with your personal career development plan.

Job stress is something that many people face. It can make work a place to which they dread going and can cause them to be dissatisfied with their career. It can also bleed over into home life and have negative effects on one’s spouse and children.

If you struggle with workplace stress, contact us. We can help provide you with the tools to reduce work stress and find more satisfaction in your job. Call us at 619-332-4448 or browse our online counselor directory to find a counselor who is right for you.

No two people are alike and finding the career path that is right for you can be a real challenge. Perhaps you don’t need a professional development plan, but you do need straight forward career counseling.

At San Diego Christian Counseling, we offer personality tests, skills tests, and interest surveys to help you find a career path that is tailored to your personality and skill set. Your counselor will discuss various options with you and help you to find a career path that is suited to you.

We offer help to employers as well as to employees. Do you want to help your employees with professional development? Are you looking for a way to help them maximize their potential and take their careers to the next level?

Let us help. San Diego Christian Counseling can help employers create the right kind of professional development plan for their employees so that they can further their careers and become even more valuable to the company.

If you are looking for a Christian counselor in San Diego to help you with professional development either for yourself or your employees, call San Diego Christian Counseling at 619-332-4448 or browse our online counselor directory. We offer a risk-free initial session to make sure you are satisfied with the counselor you select.

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