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The following are answers to common questions about spiritual development.

Making that choice to know God more deeply is a very important decision in your life. As our loving Creator, we are all meant to be connected to Him.

The first step to achieving spiritual growth is to reflect upon why you have made this decision. Do you feel that God is calling you to a higher purpose in His Kingdom (e.g. lead a ministry, proclaim His name to friends and family)? Are there any doubts about your faith or about Scripture which are prompting you to seek the truth about Him? Are there personal struggles (e.g. family, financial, health, legal issues) occurring now that have caused this desire to know God more?

After knowing why,you should then return to Scripture to learn more about God. Oftentimes when meditating upon His Word, God gives more insight about Himself and His plans for your life. Another method is to join a small group in church. In such a group, members are able to listen to each other’s burdens, pray for one another, encourage each other, and even bring up questions about their faith.

A spiritual development plan is a personally intended, yet God inspired and guided, plan to become a more mature follower of Christ. This is achieved by creating and then following a set of spiritual goals to strengthen one’s spirituality. These spiritual goals may include a range of things such as Biblical knowledge, financial freedom, mental or physical healing, more loving relationships, removal of vices, or a stronger connection and awareness of God. This plan may also include further involvement in God’s Kingdom by serving in the church or community.

Like in many areas of life, without a purposive plan to develop oneself, spiritual growth can seem quite slow, and even haphazard. This is why many have this feeling inside that something is missing or that one’s maturity in Christ is not as well-developed as others. God wants everyone to be the best that they can be, so it is important to have a plan to strengthen oneself spiritually.

Biblically, spiritual awakening occurs when the Holy Spirit has entered a person’s life, causing them to be “born again.” When this spiritual birth happens, profound changes begin within, transforming the person’s heart and mind so that they desire to please and obey God by following Christ.

For some, such a transformation may be immediate, like the apostle Paul.But for many others, these changes take much more time.Regardless, what matters is that the individual has been awakened to this new life in Christ where God is at the center of all they do.

Despite the best of intentions, many people are unable to follow through on what they have intended to do, even for something spiritually helpful. A Christian counselor can assist by helping clarify the person’s goals and suggesting the right actions needed in the spiritual development plan to achieve spiritual growth.During the course of the plan, the Christian counselor may then act as a coach to motivate the person to see things through to the end.

A person is spiritually well when they have a strong relationship with God; they trust Him and know that He is there.Such wellness entails seeking God daily and doing one’s best to live life according to how Christ lived as presented in Scripture.

However, for many believers, new and otherwise, this is not always easy as life’s obstacles (e.g. financial issues, parenting problems) and temptation get in the way, hampering spiritual wellness and growth.

A Christian counselor can help in such instances by picking the person up, through discussion, encouragement,and prayer; and then guiding the person forward in their walk with Christ. This may be done until the individual is strong enough to continue on their own.

In Christian counseling for spiritual development, the individual has the opportunity to truly grow in the faith with the help of a concerned counselor. Personal questions and struggles about faith and the Bible will be discussed, allowing the individual to understand God and His purpose for their life more.Methods for prayer and meditation will be taught and encouraged so that the person may have a closer connection with our Lord and Savior.

Furthermore, important Biblical habits, such as regular Bible reading, shall be shared so that the person may continue to mature in Christ.This also includes introducing the individual to the necessary support systems (e.g. small group, regular church service) to help safeguard against temptation and the weakening of one’s faith (e.g. lukewarm believer).

A key element to Christian counseling in San Diego is that the client is comfortable with their counselor so that it becomes easier to share one’s inner concerns and take to heart the guidance given. At the San Diego Christian Counseling website, the profiles of our various counselors can be seen so that the best choice may be made.

Strengthen Yourself By Seeking Spiritual Wellness.

A person’s spiritual life is as important as one’s physical and mental well-being.If something is missing within, it is imperative to find ways to rectify it.

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Get connected with a Christian Counselor
Please contact our reception team at
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